It’s time…

It’s time to give thanks out loud

To thank my Creator for the daily gifts he gives

To let others know about the new thing he is doing

About the rivers in the wasteland that he has made


It’s time to speak out

To ask the questions

To talk about them


God creates

Makes beauty out of nothing

Does miracles,

Loves us in dark places

Gives gifts in the desert wasteland of pain


It’s time to wonder out loud at this manna he has given

To ask “what is it?”

To wonder at how he makes beauty out of dust

How he does the impossible

How he lifts up the beaten down

Brings life where none was

Gives the light of hope where all seemed lost


Welcome to my blog Beauty out of dust. I am Libby Rosengren: wife of Shane -my love and friend, mom to 4 wonderful kids. We live in the mid-west (USA) and own a small business. It’s where God has us for now and we know that His plan and timing are always perfect even as sometimes we struggle to understand that.

I am a bit awkward with introductions so this is how I’ll start.

Welcome and thank you for reading.


One response to “It’s time…

  • Christina Widup

    Libby, this is great! I don’t read many blogs but would love to keep up with yours. You, Shane and the kids remain in our hearts and prayers. 🙂 Rejoicing with you in our Redeemer, Christina for all 6

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