Give Thanks – Part 1

ImageGive thanks.

These words bring to mind so many contradicting things.


Generous gifts given…so thankful and amazed at their kindness.

People were there in a time of need…grateful for the love shown.

A beautiful day, a wonderful relationship, a lovely flower.

Good news, a happy event, an answered prayer.

In all these, of course it’s easy to give thanks.

ImageBut when the day is hard, the relationship is strained, the flower dies?

God seems to be silent.

Did He notice what’s going on?

Give thanks?

How? Why?

Be thankful you say?

I want to fling that thought away with a big “NO!”

It seems like I am being told to be happy about this.

Give thanks.

Like an insistent voice in my head saying I MUST do it.

I give in.

But in my own strength it is only possible for a time.

I can put on the face, say that I am thankful.

Beat off all the questions in my mind and make.myself.give.thanks.

And then I break. I cannot do it.

How do I reconcile these questions in my mind.

ImageHow do I give thanks on the hard days?

Why is it important that I do so anyway?

Does it really make a difference?

I want to give thanks, yet how when I am struggling with the reality of the now?

More questions than answers as I wrestle with these words.


I’m going to start something here today on this blog and talk about giving thanks for a few posts.

It’s time for some interaction!

I am thankful (you heard me!) for those who have taken the time to click over and read and I hope that those who want to will at least from time to time feel comfortable sharing in the comments. I do review them first before posting but don’t let that stop you.

Share with us today or consider:

When you hear the words GIVE THANKS, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s positive or maybe it’s negative. What words, phrases, messages or pictures come to mind? Do you struggle like I do? In what ways?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts. If you blog about it and want to share, leave a link in your comment so we can check it out. Thanks for joining me in this “Give Thanks” series.


3 responses to “Give Thanks – Part 1

  • Linda Rosengren

    This is so good, Libby! I had these mixed emotions this morning when it was time to say goodbye to our dear Stacy and her family. I was SO thankful for the great time we had together, and at the same time it was hard to see them go. I’m really glad that the command isn’t “In everything FEEL thanks”! Sometimes our thanks is more like what Jeremiah 17:26 refers to as the “sacrifice of praise”. Thankfulness isn’t always easy, as you have pointed out. At times it is a sacrifice that we offer to God, and that is precious to Him. Love you, Lib!

  • Peggy S

    Yes, I agree with Linda R. These are both beautiful thoughts on “Give thanks.” “In everything, give thanks.” Sometimes it feels as though I stand in quick sand slowly sinking. Yet–in everything–give thanks. And almost always when I search around for something to be thankful for, I find it, and my heart can give thanks. But if for nothing else I always can and will give thanks that He adopted me, chose me, wanted me–for some thing.

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