Monthly Archives: November 2012

He gives gifts – always


We get up

We go through the routine of getting ready to send my window cleaning husband out for the day

Rags are folded and by the door

Invoices ready

Lunch packed

Uniform on

While this routine is now familiar, it still feels strange.

So different from what we once did

What we thought we’d do for life


Here we are now in this season

We have peace that for now this is where we stay

This is where we work, live and play

And there are days when we really don’t want to do this


What has come of it?

Incredible blessings – without a doubt.

Along with the uncomfortable, the sometimes painful, the weird…

There is joy


Our Father, He gives gifts – always

I don’t always see them, yet they are there


And so I count:

#1087 – Family who is there for us

#1088 – Kids growing and learning lessons not learned any other way

#1089 – Peace and freedom found in following God’s voice

#1090 – Cardinals singing to each other in the back yard

#1091 – Pink streaks in the sky as the sun comes up

#1092 – Food to eat

#1093 – Plateful of cherry tomatoes, green and red

#1094 – 4 kids sleeping in their beds

#1095 – Meeting new people

“…and it’s counting the ways He loves, this is what multiplies joy.

The life that counts blessings discovers its yielding more than it seems.” ~Ann Voskamp





Going down deep

They stretch down

Reaching for a better footing

Reaching for life and sustenance


It takes a while

At first I felt like a small tree on the edge of a cliff

I wanted to be strong

I wanted to not just grow big,

But I wanted to grow deep

Gain strength that would sustain me in the storms

No matter my size or where it was I was growing

tree on a ledge

Close to the edge but what a view

Just to reach down and accept the water and nutrients that keep me going

It’s what matters

It’s what makes for green and growing inner core

Leaves and fruit possibly

But without the roots going down and soaking up the life-giving nutrients,

How can there be change on the outside?



It’s a Friday and I’m joining in with Lisa-Jo and all the rest to write for 5 minutes with a one-word prompt – but without over thinking and deleting.  Join us?