Five Minute Friday is back and I am joining in this week.

Writing for 5 minutes without deleting or backtracking.

Click on this link if you want to find out more and join me. And a big HELLO!! to my Five Minute Friday friends!









Annnnd GO!


Perfect word to start things up here this year.

It’s time. Time to go deeper into the things I am learning.

Time to dive into some new things.

Time to dive back into things like homeschooling my kids, writing and life in general.

I stand on the edge so much. Watching, waiting, hesitating.

Fear. That’s what it is.

What am I so afraid of?!

It’s hard to think that things could be different even though I know they can be.

To just dive in and go for it?

That seems so scary and yet I know I won’t be sorry.

Where will it take me? Who knows really.

What will happen? It really is ok NOT to know.

It’s ok to not be sure. To be afraid too.

Sometimes I only see what’s right here today and no farther.

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” – Matthew 6:27


One response to “DIVE

  • Nita

    Diving is hard, especially when we can’t see what we’re diving into. Is the water more shallow than it looks? Are there rocks that will hurt us? Sometimes when we can’t see ahead we have to just take a deep breath and jump in. You’re right, it is ok to be afraid, not sure. God is sure. Glad I found you at fmf. 🙂

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