So here I am wondering what is next…

Inside I literally jump

with what?



Like there is something BIG coming

What is it exactly?

Is is just meeting new people this past year and finding them to be like family?

Is it seeing old friends and finding that it’s like no time has past? But instead find that we relate even more?

Is it the ways that I’ve seen God at work in the lives of many family members – encouraging us, changing us, growing us closer together?

Is it the new opportunities – dreams for here and dreams for far away that are so incredible I wonder at God’s audacity?

Is it the past – the things that have happened, the people we were with and we aren’t now –

excited for them and all that is in store, sad and yet hopeful for what God has in mind for their life?

Yes, it’s all of these things I guess.

And I think it’s not fear but a big hopeful excitement and faith that comes from my Brother.

A knowing that He has something in mind and it’s good.

He has a plan and it’s something worth jumping into.


Breaking the silence here with this great word prompt from Five Minute Friday



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