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So here I am wondering what is next…

Inside I literally jump

with what?



Like there is something BIG coming

What is it exactly?

Is is just meeting new people this past year and finding them to be like family?

Is it seeing old friends and finding that it’s like no time has past? But instead find that we relate even more?

Is it the ways that I’ve seen God at work in the lives of many family members – encouraging us, changing us, growing us closer together?

Is it the new opportunities – dreams for here and dreams for far away that are so incredible I wonder at God’s audacity?

Is it the past – the things that have happened, the people we were with and we aren’t now –

excited for them and all that is in store, sad and yet hopeful for what God has in mind for their life?

Yes, it’s all of these things I guess.

And I think it’s not fear but a big hopeful excitement and faith that comes from my Brother.

A knowing that He has something in mind and it’s good.

He has a plan and it’s something worth jumping into.


Breaking the silence here with this great word prompt from Five Minute Friday





To cease working

To cease thinking so much

The mind rebels at this idea


I must be responsible?

What must I prove?

He says come all you weary

Come all you who are heavy laden

I will give you REST.

In him this is what we have.


No demands to produce

No asking me to do more, be more.

In Him…just rest.

Oh the struggle though.

I don’t see the rest or understand.

I try hard and fight against.

What will come?



The worry and the straining.

Yet he still is there calmly offering

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Linking up again with other writers and Lisa-Jo Baker to write for 5 minutes using this word prompt – no editing, no backtracking. 



Five Minute Friday is back and I am joining in this week.

Writing for 5 minutes without deleting or backtracking.

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Annnnd GO!


Perfect word to start things up here this year.

It’s time. Time to go deeper into the things I am learning.

Time to dive into some new things.

Time to dive back into things like homeschooling my kids, writing and life in general.

I stand on the edge so much. Watching, waiting, hesitating.

Fear. That’s what it is.

What am I so afraid of?!

It’s hard to think that things could be different even though I know they can be.

To just dive in and go for it?

That seems so scary and yet I know I won’t be sorry.

Where will it take me? Who knows really.

What will happen? It really is ok NOT to know.

It’s ok to not be sure. To be afraid too.

Sometimes I only see what’s right here today and no farther.

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” – Matthew 6:27


Going down deep

They stretch down

Reaching for a better footing

Reaching for life and sustenance


It takes a while

At first I felt like a small tree on the edge of a cliff

I wanted to be strong

I wanted to not just grow big,

But I wanted to grow deep

Gain strength that would sustain me in the storms

No matter my size or where it was I was growing

tree on a ledge

Close to the edge but what a view

Just to reach down and accept the water and nutrients that keep me going

It’s what matters

It’s what makes for green and growing inner core

Leaves and fruit possibly

But without the roots going down and soaking up the life-giving nutrients,

How can there be change on the outside?



It’s a Friday and I’m joining in with Lisa-Jo and all the rest to write for 5 minutes with a one-word prompt – but without over thinking and deleting.  Join us?


They didn’t question why we were there.

No grilling me to to see if I my life was in order.

Just openness and honesty.

A willingness to go deep when I broke the norm of chitchat

A taking me aside to really listen

To say “I understand” and mean it.

To cry with me.

To listen and not shy away or run away from me in my rawness.

Instead, embracing all that I was right there and then.

How thankful I am that they did that!

I found myself unfolding.

Relaxing and coming alive again.

It’s what happens when one truly welcomes another.



This has been a “Five Minute Friday” entry.

Writing for five minutes flat without editing, backtracking, or over thinking.

Joining Lisa-Jo and all the rest in the growing and very Welcoming crowd this Friday.

(Ok, so it’s the end of Friday, but I’m still joining in!)



My mind tries to focus as:

the neighbor uses his leaf blower right outside the window

my 9 year old son asks for a cinnamon and sugar tortilla

my 5 year old daughter comes in the room to tell me something and ask me questions

something about rats on a game she plays with her brother…

birds are singing outside

cars drive by on the street

neighbor kids playing


my to do list seems very long this week and the week is about over

the laundry piles high

the stack of invoices to process seems just as tall

people to feed

cleaning to do



focus on the gifts

focus on the fact that I can’t do it alone

I need my Father’s strength

I need his wisdom

He gives it

He never stops



Today I am joining in on Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo and many more – about a word.

Set a timer, type for 5 minutes without editing or over thinking or backtracking.

Loving this community of women who are connecting over one word – every week. Join us?